School Locations

Annandale Christian College

Tues & Thurs 5:30pm, Yolanda Drive, Annandale, 4814
Instructor:  Sahyun Nigel Paul,  7th Dan, Phone 0428 280-670

Pimlico State High School

Mon & Wed 6:00pm, Fulham Road, Pimlico, 4812
Instructor:  Sabum Andrea Smith,  6th Dan, Phone 0427 353-007

Willows State Primary School

Mon & Wed 6:00pm, Sandstone Drive, Kirwan, 4817
Instructor: Sabum Ben Hetherington, 5th Dan, Phone 0417 802-296

Cranbrook State Primary School

Tues & Thurs 6:00pm, Alice Street, Cranbrook, 4814
Instructor:  Sabum Bill Coyer, 4th Dan, Phone 0403 770-201

The Refectory, James Cook University

* * * Currently not operating. The Refectory building has been closed to all users.

* We are training with the Annandale club.

Tues & Thurs 6:00pm, The Refectory, James Cook Drive, Douglas, 4811
Instructor:  Sabum Mal Goon Chew, 4th Dan, Phone 0408 079-753

North Shore Community Centre

Tues 7:15pm & Fri 6:15pm, Iris Lane, North Shore QLD 4818
Instructor: Boosabum Wes Thomas, 1st Dan, Phone 0409 530-778

Burdekin (2 locations)

Ayr State High School

Mon & Wed 5:30pm, Edwards St & Wickham Street, Ayr QLD 4807

Lower Burdekin Gymnastics Hall

Fri 6:00pm, 150-158 Wicham Street, Ayr, QLD 4807

Instructor: Boosabum Jasmine Connolly, 2nd Dan, Phone 0458 356-040


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Townsville Schools

Burdekin Schools