For immediate release

The executive team has met today and discussed the impact that the Novel Corona Virus is having, and how it will affect the operation of our club.

We have withdrawn the team from competing in the Arnold Classic in Melbourne, the risk was too high, and since our meeting the event has been postponed. I support Master Muleta in this decision, and we will offer our team again once things return to normal.

We discussed the closure of one, or all of the branches. Cranbrook will close until June, from this Tuesday being the last class. All other branches will remain open, under the direction of the schools/ University , and under direction from Government policy and advice.

We need to make sure we are doing everything possible to minimise the risk of exposure in our branches, this includes, but is not limited to

  • DO NOT attend class if you are sick, no matter how mild. Unfortunately, we will ask you to leave in this case.
  • No sharing of drink bottles, no use of bubblers and water fountains.
  • Washing of hands prior to entering the class and upon leaving.
  • Do not touch another student, at all.
  • No use of focus mitts, shields, sparring equipment.
  • No shaking of hands (the Taekwon-Do bow is a very good substitute).
  • Sneeze and cough into elbow, or tissue, and dispose of immediately.

In the event that you test positive to Covid 19, please notify your instructor at as soon as possible.

Gradings will be cancelled for March, you will be graded in class if you are ready.

The NQ Games have advised that they are still running, however this can change at any time, we will keep you posted as we know more.

In the event of a student testing positive to Covid 19 either at the school, or at the Taekwon-Do branch, that club will be suspended immediately.

We do expect that training will be interrupted, but don’t panic, we will get through this together. When it all blows over, we will pick up where we left off, and enjoy what we love doing. The family of Sun Soo, and ITF Taekwon-Do in general is strong, remember the adversity General Choi Hong Hi endured to create this wonderful art, we will bounce back.

Thanks, and stay safe, look after one another.

Master Nigel Paul